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RVS Englisch 08.16.02 Application of Asphalt Mats
Dezember 2015


This RVS applies to the use of asphalt mats (nonwoven) in asphalt road construction.


This RVS does not cover the following: composite materials (material which consists of nonwoven fabrics bonded together with other surface structures (e.g. mesh)), lattice (material made of perforated and stretched plastic sheets), mesh (material which consists of two perpendicular intersecting thread systems), reinforcing fibre (cut or endless fibers of glass or synthetic materials which are scattered applied to the binder using special devices) and from natural fibres manufactured mats (nonwoven fabrics of natural fibres, e.g. hemp).


0 Preliminary notes
1 Field of application
2 Terminology
3 Operational criteria
4 Materials
5 Construction Principles
6 Requirements
7 Testing
8 Test methods
9 Customary deviations from the permitted limits
10 Billing
11 Testing Costs
12 Warranty
13 Acts, guidelines, standards and literature referenced

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