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RVS Englisch 13.05.11 Calculation of Life-Cycle-Costs for Bridges
April 2017


This RVS describes a computational prognosis model for the determination of the life cycle costs of bridges (e.g. road and railway bridges).
The RVS serves as support for the decision regarding structural investments and for that reason, the fixed assets in absolute terms (residual value) are not taken into consideration. This calculation model can also be applied analogously to other engineering structures in the field of infrastructure.


0 Preliminary Remarks
1 Field of Application
2 Terminology
3 Calculation of the Life Cycle Costs
4 Comparison of Variants / Alternatives New Construction
5 Comparison New Construction for Restoration / Change of Use
6 Calculation Examples
7 Acts, guidelines, standards and literature referenced
8 Additionally, laws, guidelines and standards to be observed
9 Annex

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  • RVS 13.05.11 Calculation of Life-Cycle-Costs for Bridges