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RVS Englisch 03.03.82 Rural Track Paths
Juli 2017


This RVS is to be applied in the planning of track paths in the low volume road network. The scope of application covers traffic areas, which are used for the tightly meshed development of rural areas and are not classified as provincial roads.
The application of this RVS is not compulsory for garage access or providing internal access for agricultural vehicles only.


1 Field of Application
2 General
3 Planning Principles and Decision Model
4 Alignment
5 Cross-Section
6 Construction Design Standard
7 Acts, Guidelines, Standards and Literature Referenced

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Ausgabedatum 1. Juli 2017
Arbeitsausschuss PV10 Ländliche Straßen und Wege
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  • RVS 03.03.82 Rural Track Path
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